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Need legal translation services ? Our legal translators can handle all your legal documents, translating them into over 70 languages with accuracy and speed.

We also offer certified document translations.

Expert legal translation services at your disposal

Legal translation specifically deals with the translation of legal documents such as contracts, terms and conditions, judgements, and all other documents used daily by legal professionals.

In this field, it’s paramount to get a spot-on and exact translation. For this reason, it’s advised to use a specialised legal translator. Translatis offers its linguistic services tailored for the legal sector, thanks to its global network of 500 native specialist translators. You’re assured of a top-notch legal translation that’s faithful to your original documents and suited for your target audience.

For over 10 years, numerous law firms, notaries, and other legal professionals have been turning to our services on a daily basis. Our team guarantees you accurate and thorough work, delivered promptly and with the utmost confidentiality. Explore our Legal Translation Services and contact us to receive your free quote within 30 minutes.

Our legal translation specialists are at your service for your project:

  • Quality: With our professional legal translators at the helm, you can be sure of receiving perfectly translated legal documents that adhere to the standards, regulations, and legal terminologies familiar to your target audience.
  • Diversity: Covering more than 50 subfields related to law, we can handle all kinds of documents within law, insurance, judiciary, and so on.
  • Speed: We strictly adhere to your deadlines, and if need be, we can deliver your legal translations in just a few hours.
  • Experience: With over 10 years in the business, our translation agency specialises in providing legal translation services. We deliver quality work for all legal professionals.

Translatis: Your Legal Translation Agency

Our translation office is at your service in Dublin and in several cities like Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Waterford. With our local branches, avail of localised services and linguistic solutions to all your multilingual challenges. Trust our legal translation agency and our team of 500 translators to communicate effectively during your proceedings, patent filings, and any other legal formalities. We provide top-notch legal translations, delivered promptly and at a fair price.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm
Address: The Old Station House, Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Visits by appointment only.

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High-Quality Legal Translation Services

Our translation firm is poised to provide you with reliable translations upon which you can rely for your multilingual legal cases. Each translation is meticulously attended to, ensuring the document is tailored to the target legal system and the culture of your audience.

To ensure top-tier quality, each translation is crafted by a specialised translator and then reviewed by another native, specialised linguist. Before delivery, the translation is overseen by a project manager who ensures its layout, syntax, and terminologies are aligned with your speciality. By partnering with Translatis, you’re assured high-quality legal translation services that meet your international requirements.

Get Your Documents Translated Swiftly

Speed is often paramount in the legal sector. When you need swiftly translated files or to comprehend document content effectively, our translation agency is on hand to convert your content into your desired language. We can translate your legal documents in just a few hours: contracts, T&Cs, court decisions, tenders, invoices, company charters, power of attorney, complaints, customs documents, certificates, patent applications, legislative texts, regulatory standards, and any other legal document.

With our certified translators, we can also handle the certified translation of many official documents for those engaging in international procedures. Depending on your destination country, we also offer apostille and document legalisation services. Don’t hesitate to reach out for our rates.

We Translate Your Documents into Over 70 Languages

Translatis boasts robust experience in legal translation. For over a decade, many legal professionals have entrusted us with their document translations for international procedures. Thanks to our global network of 500 translators based in Ireland and worldwide, we can cover many languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese…

French translations

Spanish translations

German translations

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Our most frequently translated legal documents

  • Business agreements and contracts
  • Transactional documents
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Employment Contracts
  • Shareholder Documents
  • Contracts Documents
  • Intellectual Property Documents
  • Patent Applications
  • Official Documents
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Sales Agreements or Purchase Orders
  • Data Protection Agreements
  • Joint Ventures Agreements
  • Terms of Services
  • Privacy Policies
  • Immigration Documents
  • Tax Compliance Documents

Questions & Answers about our Legal Translation Services

How much does a legal translation cost?

It’s hard to give you a quote for your project without seeing the documents first. The cost of a legal translation depends on several factors including the language of translation, the complexity of the text, and the desired delivery timeframe. The layout of the document (OCR, reformatting, transcription) will also influence the project’s cost. Please get in touch with us and attach the documents you need translated to get a personalised quote within 30 minutes.

Who’ll be doing my legal translations?

Your legal documents (contracts, patent applications, certificates etc.) will be handled by our translators who specialise in the field of law. All of them have strong backgrounds both in translation and in the various specialisations of law.

Are my details safe?

Absolutely. Every job we undertake is confidential. Moreover, your documents and data are stored on our secure servers. Everyone working for our translation company, whether project managers, translators, or reviewers, are bound by confidentiality agreements to ensure the safety of all your information.

How can I get a quote for my legal translation?

Simply reach out to us through our contact form or by email. Don’t forget to provide all the details of your project, the files you need translated, and your desired delivery timeframe. We’ll get back to you swiftly with a personalised quote.

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