Technical Translation Services

Our translation agency offers technical translation services in over 60 languages, thanks to our translators who specialize in your industry. Receive your free quote within 30 minutes.

Technical Translation Services Tailored to Your Industry

Translatis and its teams provide technical translation services for businesses. With our network of multi-specialist experts, we translate instruction manuals, user guides, and all types of documents requiring complex terminological knowledge and understanding of regulations in your source and target languages.

We work daily for numerous players in the automotive, food and beverage, aeronautics, service sectors, as well as for industries in energy, textiles, construction, and IT. Project managers and technical translators work in more than 60 languages to assist you with your multilingual technical communication. All our clients value our rapid response, our dedicated expertise in their industry, and our high-quality translations that meet the challenges of their projects. Needless to say, we work with the utmost confidentiality, respecting the delivery deadlines entrusted to us. Interested in collaborating with our technical translation agency? Contact us now and receive your personalized quote in 30 minutes.

A Technical Translator Available for Your Project

Translating technical documents requires great precision as the slightest error could lead to costly, or even dangerous, misunderstandings. That’s why it’s critical to work with a specialized technical translator who has expertise in the relevant sector. This expertise ensures that they will easily understand the context and use of specific terminologies unique to each particular sector. At Translatis, we offer high-quality technical translation services thanks to our specialized linguists.

Handpicked, all our linguists have at least five years of experience and are familiar with the nuances of your industry. When you entrust them with a project, you can be certain that our technical translators will not only understand your terms in the source language but also their exact equivalents in the target language. By working with our specialists who translate into their native language, your multilingual technical communication will be reliable, meticulous, and tailored to your audience. Are you looking for a technical translator who knows your field? Contact us now to receive your free quote.

We Translate Numerous Technical Documents

Find a qualified technical translator to translate your documents:

  • Technical Patents
  • Safety Manuals
  • Medical Device Manuals
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Policy Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Installation Guides
  • Technical Training Materiels
  • Software User Manuals
  • Product Catalogues
  • Quality Assurance Certifications
  • Agricultural Machinery Guides
  • Construction Project Plans
  • Product Specifications
  • Technical Drawings and Schematics
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Scientific Research Papers
  • Technical Proposals

30 Languages for Translation

We offer our technical translation services in most languages through our network of professional translators based in Dublin and around the globe. Our translators particularly translate into French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many other languages.

French translations

Spanish translations

German translations

Portuguese translations

Translatis, Your Technical Translation Agency in Ireland

Translatis is a premier partner for translating all your specialized documents that require extensive knowledge of terminologies and the often complex nuances of your industry. For more than 10 years, we have been supporting numerous industrial groups throughout Ireland with our translation company in Dublin and our local offices in Cork, Limerick, Galway, and many other cities across the country.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm
Address: The Old Station House, Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Visits by appointment only.

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Q&A About Our Technical Translation Services

Why should you use our technical translation agency?

Translating technical data can be tricky for a translator inexperienced in your industry. They might come across technical terms they don’t understand or regulations and codes they can’t decipher. Since everyone has their area of expertise, we recommend working with a technical translation agency with solid experience. For 10 years, Trnaslatis has been a specialist in translating technical documents for numerous sectors. All value our rapid response and our dedicated expertise in a specific sector: yours!

What types of files can you translate?

Our technical translation agency translates a wide variety of file formats related to industrial fields. We translate text documents (DOC/DOCX, PDF, TXT), presentations (PPTX, PPT), spreadsheets (XLSX, XLS), graphic and design files (CAD, DWG, DXF, AI), DTP files (INDD, PSD), database files (XML, CSV) as well as multimedia and web files (HTML, HTM, JSON, etc). Don’t hesitate to contact our team to find out if we can handle your file format.

How much do your technical translation services cost?

The cost of our technical translation services depends on several factors, including the volume of text to translate, the file type, and the language combination (source and target language). The desired delivery time will also affect the price of our services.

What are your delivery times?

For the delivery of a project or an international trade fair, companies often need their technical translation quickly. Our agency can meet your time constraints by working with multiple translators simultaneously. Contact us with your time-related issues to quickly receive our personalized offer.

Who will translate my documents?

Your project will be entrusted to an experienced technical translator specialized in your industry. For over 10 years, Translatis has been collaborating with a vast network of translators who have dual expertise in translation and in a specific industry. The quality of the translation and the mastery of your technical terms will be all the better!

Interested in Our Technical Translation Services? 

Our professional translators, specialized in your industry, translate all your documents and specialized files into over 60 languages. Receive your personalized quote within 30 minutes.

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