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Our team of specialized translators provides top-notch business translation services in over 60 languages. Get your free quote within 30 minutes.

Business Translation Services for Every Industry with Our Experienced Translators

In an increasingly globalized world, multilingual exchanges are becoming more frequent. Regardless of your company’s industry, translation plays a crucial role in breaking down language barriers and enabling the transmission of information, documents, or technical data.

For 10 years, our translation agency has been assisting numerous companies by offering optimal multilingual solutions. With our 900 translators, we provide business translation services in your field of activity. Responsive and capable of meeting all your needs quickly and with utmost confidentiality, trust our team of translators who specialize in various fields to master your technical terminologies and all the nuances of your industry. Contact us now to receive your non-binding quote in less than 30 minutes!

Professional Translations Tailored to All Your Needs

Each industry has its unique characteristics and complex knowledge that only an expert can master. Whether you work in agriculture, IT, or tourism, we always employ professionals. All have at least five years of experience in translation and in their field of expertise.

Regardless of your needs, you will receive precisely and rigorously translated documents that respect your target audience and its cultural nuances.

Numerous Fields of Activity

We offer specialized business translation services in many industries:

  • Aeronautics
  • Agriculture
  • Agri-food
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Construction Industry, and Architecture
  • Confectionery and Chocolate Industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Fishing
  • Energy
  • Fashion
  • Education and Research 
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Forestry/Wood/Timber Industry
  • Gastronomy
  • Government/Embassies/Consulates
  • Health Services
  • Import/Export
  • Insurance Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Psychology
  • Shoe and Leather Industry
  • Sports
  • Technical
  • Telecommunications
  • Textile Industry
  • Toy Industry
  • Trade
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Video Games
  • Watch Industry
  • Wine Industry
  • And many more…

Translations in Over 60 Languages

We work in most of the world’s business languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and more. Our translators also translate into rarer languages like Korean, Vietnamese, Slovak, Slovenian, Italian, Greek, and many others. Feel free to explore all our language combinations on our page dedicated to our translation languages.

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Spanish translations

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Portuguese translations

Translatis, Business Translation Agency

Translatis and its team of specialized translators offer business translation services in numerous sectors, including yours. All our professional linguists translate exclusively into their native language. This ensures that they will understand your terminologies in both the source and target languages. We guarantee high-quality translations that conform to your professional glossaries and international ambitions, delivered promptly.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm
Address: The Old Station House, Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Visits by appointment only.

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FAQ About Our Business Translation Services

Why choose specialized business translation services for my industry?

Opting for business translation services specialized in your industry ensures a deep understanding of the jargon and nuances specific to your sector. This not only guarantees the technical accuracy of the translations but also enhances communication with international clients and partners. Translators who are experts in your field can better grasp contexts and subtleties, thus avoiding misunderstandings and enhancing your company’s credibility in global markets. In short, this contributes to more effective and targeted international expansion.

Are my data confidential during a business translation?

Absolutely! Our translators, technicians, and project managers are bound by professional secrecy. All our business translation services are highly confidential. When your data is particularly sensitive, we also offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

I need urgent business translations, what should I do?

Simply contact our translators using our dedicated contact form or email us directly. Our commercial service guarantees a response within 30 minutes.

How much does a business translation cost?

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of your project without having reviewed the business documents to be translated. The rate is generally set according to the number of words to translate, the chosen language combination, the file layout, and the desired delivery time. Do not hesitate to contact us with your documents for a personalized quote.

How can I be sure of the quality of my business document translations?

Each project is handled by a linguist who knows your field. Your translations will then be reviewed by a second specialized translator who will inspect the work and make corrections if necessary. Finally, your project will undergo a quality control check by our project managers who will review the deliverable point by point before delivery. If you were not satisfied with the work, our specialists would redo it at our expense.

Can you provide certified translations?

Yes! Thanks to our network of certified translators in Ireland and around the world, we can handle your official professional document translations quickly.

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