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With its network of 10 translation offices located across Ireland, Translatis assists numerous professionals in effectively communicating with their international audiences. Our team of translators, interpreters, technicians, and linguists offer a wide range of specialized linguistic services to make your project a success. No matter the type of document you need translated or your target language, we provide custom solutions that meet all your multilingual requirements.

We offer specialized translation services in your field of work (law, marketing, finance, technical industry, medical), as well as proofreading, multilingual transcription, video translation, and subtitling services. Our certified partner translators also enable us to provide certified translation services for all your official documents. Translatis offers more than just linguistic services; we act as a trusted partner so that everyone can be understood in over 70 languages.

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The Go-To Linguistic Services in Ireland

For over a decade, Translatis has been offering a broad range of language-related services such as professional translations, artificial intelligence-enabled translations, and automated solutions. Our linguistic services also extend to interpretation for your multilingual events, transcription, as well as subtitling or dubbing of audio and video files.

Additionally, our technical division can translate all your print-ready files in the realms of advertising, marketing, and communication. To achieve this, we work closely with our seasoned team of linguists and experienced technicians who possess genuine expertise in the translation of documents, files, and numerous other media. If you’re in search of a Language Service Provider, contact us now to receive your free quote within 30 minutes.

FAQ on Our Professional Linguistic Services

What Do Your Linguistic Services Include?

Our professional linguistic services include sending a free quote and assessing your needs, finding the right provider from our team to carry out your project, and the translation and integration of translations into your source files. For our interpretation services, our team will prepare your event by working on specialised glossaries from your sector or reference documents that you can provide to best anticipate the needs and proceedings of your event. Each project is unique and is approached differently by our project managers. We consistently aim to deliver a complete turnkey service tailored to your needs.

How Do I Find the Right Language Service Provider?

It is often complex to find a Language Service Provider that meets your needs. At Translatis, even before translating your documents, we strive to understand your needs and identify the stakes of your project. This mutual collaboration allows us to produce translations that are perfectly customised to your target audience and the context of your project. You’ll be sure to engage with your counterparts in the right manner with just the right tone!

How Do I Get a Quote for a Linguistic Service?

You can simply contact us via our free quote form. You can also send us an email. Our team will quickly get back to you with a personalised proposal.

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