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In an international context, the pharmaceutical industry communicates across the globe: research laboratories, manufacturers, public authorities… there is a substantial need to exchange technical information in various languages. Pharmaceutical translation services are not just about converting from one language to another; they also require technical and regulatory expertise to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Our pharmaceutical translation agency boasts extensive experience in translating medical documents and materials for the pharmaceutical sector. For over 10 years, many pharmaceutical laboratories, distributors, regulatory authorities, researchers, and scientists have trusted our pharmaceutical translation services. We are capable of producing high-quality translations promptly and with the utmost confidentiality.

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A Network of Expert Translators in the Pharmaceutical Field

A medication developed in Europe might be manufactured in Asia and sold in the United States. Each step requires specialized documents such as regulatory filings, usage instructions, and research reports that must be understandable to professionals and consumers from different countries and cultures. This is why it’s imperative to work with a translator who has a solid background in the pharmaceutical field.

Our translation agency offers pharmaceutical translation services in more than 70 languages, thanks to our specialized translators. Rigorously selected, all translate solely into their native language for excellent linguistic and cultural mastery. We work particularly in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, and many other languages.

Whether you need a certified translation or a standard pharmaceutical translation, our quality processes are stringent. Your translations are then reviewed by a second specialized linguist and revised by a project manager. Our pharmaceutical translation agency has been collaborating for many years with numerous professionals in the sector. All appreciate our rapid response and the quality of each task completed.

Your Pharmaceutical Translation Agency

Our pharmaceutical translation agency is distinguished by our in-depth technical expertise and knowledge of international regulations. All our specialized translators have qualifications and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field.

We place a strong emphasis on accuracy and adherence to deadlines, understanding that any error can have serious consequences. Furthermore, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies to ensure consistency and quality in every translation.

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High-Quality Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Our translation firm is poised to provide you with reliable translations upon which you can rely for your multilingual pharmaceutical cases. Each translation is meticulously attended to, ensuring the document is tailored to the target medical system and the culture of your audience.

To ensure top-tier quality, each translation is crafted by a specialised translator and then reviewed by another native, specialised linguist. Before delivery, the translation is overseen by a project manager who ensures its layout, syntax, and terminologies are aligned with your speciality. By partnering with Translatis, you’re assured high-quality medical translation services that meet your international requirements.

Get Your Documents Translated Swiftly

Speed is often paramount in the pharmaceutical sector. When you need swiftly translated files or to comprehend document content effectively, our translation agency is on hand to convert your content into your desired language. We can translate your pharmaceutical documents in just a few hours: clinical trial protocols, regulatory submissions, package inserts, and any other pharmaceutical document.

With our certified translators, we can also handle the certified translation of many official documents for those engaging in international procedures. Depending on your destination country, we also offer apostille and document legalisation services. Don’t hesitate to reach out for our rates.

We Translate Your Documents into Over 70 Languages

  • Product Labels
  • Package Inserts
  • Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Regulatory Submissions
  • Pharmacovigilance Reports
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Quality Assurance Manuals
  • Resarch Articles
  • Patient Education Brochures
  • Pharmacopoeia Entries
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Sales and Marketing Materials
  • Medical Questionnaires
  • Safety Data Sheets

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FAQ About Our Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Who will translate my documents?

The translation of pharmaceutical documents is a highly specialized task that requires both linguistic and technical expertise. Therefore, it is advisable to use professional translators with specific training and experience in the pharmaceutical field. Some translators are certified by professional bodies, ensuring a high level of skill and quality. Moreover, specialized medical translation agencies often offer services tailored to this kind of complex and regulated translation.

How much do your pharmaceutical translation services cost?

It’s challenging to quote without reviewing the documents to be translated. The cost of our services depends on the translation language, the volume of text to translate, and the layout of your files. Delivery times and the technical nature of the text also influence the price of a project.

Why choose your pharmaceutical translation agency?

We have an in-depth understanding of the pharmacy and pharmaceuticals field, enabling us to offer customized solutions to all your international challenges. Whether it’s technical or marketing documents related to medicines, we produce high-quality translations swiftly.

How quickly can I receive my translations?

Translatis and our teams meet all your timing requirements, even the most urgent. We can mobilize teams of translators to work on your project simultaneously, thus meeting your desired deadlines. This means you could receive your translations in just a few hours if necessary. When requesting a quote, do not hesitate to specify your desired delivery time to receive the appropriate offer.

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